The chief justice doesn’t like his conservative Supreme Court colleagues getting called out for judicial overreach.

  • zalack
    1 year ago

    The thing is that the court only has so much power right now because Congress is so fucking broken. If Congress where in working order it could just legislate all the shit that the court is blocking the executive on.

    • Neferic
      11 year ago

      Is there any sense when Congress went off the rails? Some folks I have listened to say it was around the 90s but there were obviously very contentious times before then.

      • The Congress has never consistently functioned well, I’m not entirely convinced it’s designed to. For the current mess, both in Congress and American politics in general, probably the most influential source is Newt Gingrich’s electioneering policy of attacking wedges and saying anything you have to to get headlines without regards to the truthfulness of your statements. That’s what reshaped the Republican party to be particularly welcoming to extremists, popularized science denial, and led to the modern wave of Christian Nationalism.